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The Downtown Story
Our Location
      We extend an invitation to come shop in downtown Fort Wayne.  You will want to bring your family and friends to experience what downtown has to offer.  The experience is nothing like what you will find at the large malls or chain stores.  It has the feel of Fort Wayne past and yet a modern Fort Wayne 21st century.  Your excursion should start with a drive by Parkview Field, The Embassy Theatre, The Grand Wayne Center, JK O’Donnell’s, St. Joe Hospital, Pint and Slice and the Allen County Main Library.  As you will soon see, there is plenty of parking that beckons you to just pull off, park and start walking the once empty streets.  Suddenly you realize that Fort Wayne feels different, there are actually lots of people out walking and riding bikes. 
      As you walk down the sidewalk your senses awaken to the smell of fresh popcorn…the church bells of Trinity English Church ringing for a newly married couple…what was that..oh it’s the Pedal City bus full of 16 people drinking beer and they are all waving at us.  If travel north or south on Broadway turn east on Wayne Street drive past Fulton street; you can park on either side of Wayne street. The MacDougal house sits on the southwest corner of Fairfield and Wayne streets.   You will see Smiley’s Joy cute sidewalk chalkboard that greets you and let’s you know we’re open for shopping.
      We will greet you as you come in, you will probably hear music playing in the background…some days it will be the radio…some days it will be oldies or today’s hits on Pandora. In the entry, you can read about the history of this Queen Anne jewel.  We enjoy interacting with our customers.  We will tell you about all the other stores that are around us…and give you a nice map with all the “West End Shops.” We also like to entice our customers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…posting several items each day.  It’s a modern ploy interacting on the social media sites, but we are trying like crazy to get you to change your shopping habits---come into the heart of the city---awaken your senses—walk around to the cafés, restaurants, shops, cigar stores and bars.  If you have not experienced what is going on downtown, you owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to see how shopping looks, smells, tastes, feels and sounds like in the 21st century downtown Fort Wayne.
     We searched Fort Wayne and tried to stay true to our name we liked the idea of staying in the downtown area.  We found this amazing 1886 Queen Anne home, 503 West Wayne Street at the corner of Fairfield and W. Wayne Street.     The “MacDougal House” was built in the 1880’s by John MacDougal and was occupied by his son Michael and daughter Mary Katherine, who resided there until her untimely passing.  Michael and his sister were member’s of The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception parish and Mr. MacDougal donated the moneys to build the MacDougal Chapel in memory of his sister.  We want to go back to our roots in a vibrant Fort Wayne that is currently being re-invented, re-purposed and revitalized.  We wanted to be part of this rebirth of downtown Fort Wayne.